Does Lyve Home or Lyve Studio require an Internet connection? Why?

Yes. Lyve Home and Lyve Studio use the Internet to communicate with the Lyve service and your other devices. This communication enables Lyve to keep your entire photo and video collection up to date and accessible from anywhere.

Lyve uses the Internet to prepare instructions for Lyve Home (and Studio), as well as your computers and devices. These instructions use a minimal amount of bandwidth, and tell your Lyve account what content needs to be transferred from which device.

When your photos and videos are copied to your Lyve Home (or Studio), that content is transferred through your WiFi or Ethernet network. This copying stage does not use your Internet bandwidth, as long as your devices and computers are on the samenetwork as your LyveHome.

If you're away from home or on a different network than the one Lyve Home (or Studio) is connected to, you have the option of enabling Copy via Cellular within Lyve Settings on your mobile device:
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Be advised that enabling this setting will use your mobile device's cellular network bandwidth - unless you have an unlimited data plan, you may want to monitor your data usage to avoid any charges!