How do I get started with my Lyve Studio?

Your Lyve Studio is easy to set up and get started. If you're just getting started, check out this quick video to learn more (or, if you'd like, skip ahead to the below text):

The first step is to download and install the free Lyve app on your mobile device. Once installed, launch the app and tap on Create Account to create your Lyve Account (just tap Sign In if you already have a Lyve Account).

Next, plug Lyve Studio in using the included AC power adapter. Lyve Studio doesn't have a power switch - it stays on once you've plugged it in. The included power supply is the only one you should use with your Lyve Studio. Once Lyve Studio has fully powered up, you should eventually see a blinking blue LED light on the front of it, which indicates that it is ready to pair with the Lyve app for setup (If you see other flashing lights, chances are that the Studio is still booting up, or is going through a self-update. Be patient - eventually the light should switch to a blinking blue state).

Back on your mobile device, tap the Lyve Menu icon in the upper left corner of the Lyve app, then select Status. Within the Status screen, tap on the Add a Lyve Devicebutton and follow the onscreen prompts to set up your Lyve Studio.

User-added image

At this point, you should see that the light on the front of the Lyve Studio has stopped blinking and is a solid blue. That indicates that Lyve Studio has successfully paired with your mobile device and you can proceed with setup via the Lyve app on that device. After setup of the Lyve Studio is complete, that light should be solid white.