What does the light on the front of Lyve Studio indicate?

The LED indicator light on the front of your Lyve Studio displays its current status and can help you figure out if you have successfully completed setup.

  • White blinking light = Lyve Studio is starting up (or restarting).
  • Colors blink in sequence (white, blue, amber) = Lyve Studio is resetting itself back to its factory settings OR it is installing a firmware update. In either case, wait until you see the blinking blue light before proceeding.
  • Blue blinking light = Ready to pair with your mobile device for setup.
  • Amber blinking light = Connection problem. Check your network settings, or restart Lyve Studio by unplugging it briefly.
  • Blue solid light = Lyve Studio has successfully paired with your mobile device and is ready to proceed with setup via the Lyve App on that device.
  • White solid light = Lyve Studio is all set up and connected to Lyve - you are good to go!