How do I create a Lyve Drive?

To create a Lyve Drive with a compatible Seagate hard drive, first attach the drive directly to your computer via USB. Next, select Create Lyve Drive (Mac users: under the File menu; Windows users: in the system tray icon menu) of the free Lyve desktop application, then follow the onscreen prompts to get started:

For the best performance with Lyve, the drive must be attached to a computer that is awake and has an active Internet connection. Additionally, the Lyve App should be running on that computer. You may wish to deactivate the system sleep settings on the computer that has the Lyve Drive attached to ensure that you always have access to your full-resolution original photos & videos stored on that drive.

For example, you could have a desktop computer at home which is always connected to the Internet. For the best performance with a Lyve Drive:

  1. Leave the drive attached to the computer. Don't unplug it while it is copying your photos and videos!
  2. Make sure that the computer doesn't go to sleep: deactivate sleep settings inSystem Preferences>Energy Saver (OS X) or Control Panel>System and Security>Power Options (Windows).
  3. Leave the Lyve App running on that machine.

Supported drives & configurations

Many recent models of Seagate external hard-disk DAS drives are supported. For the best performance, drives larger than 250 GB are recommended, including popular models like the Seagate Backup Plus or Seagate Backup Plus Slim drives for either desktop or mobile use.

The drive you use for Lyve Drive must be:

  • USB 2.0 or higher; Thunderbolt or Firewire drives are not supported.
  • Formatted as NTFS (Windows or Mac) or Mac OS Extended Journaled (Mac only, also known as HFS+). Note that Seagate drives ship from the factory in these formats.
  • A Seagate branded drive that has 250GB or more available space.

Important Notes:

  • Network Attached Storage (NAS), wireless drives, and Seagate Backup Plus Fast drives are not currently supported as Lyve Drives.
  • Drives which have been set up as an Apple/Mac Time Machine backup are not supported as a Lyve Drive.