How do I get started with my Lyve Home?

Your Lyve Home is simple to set up and get started - it's designed with a touchscreen so you can tap and swipe through to create your account, just like you would on a smartphone or tablet. If you're just getting started, check out our videos to learn more (or, if you'd like, skip ahead to the below text):

The first step is to plug in the AC Power adapter. Lyve Home doesn't have a power switch - it stays on once you've plugged it in. The included power supply is the only one you should use with your Lyve Home.

After you attach the power supply to the back of your Lyve Home, it will start up and scan for available Wi-Fi networks. Lyve Home can connect to your network via Wi-Fi or via a wired Ethernet connection to your router. If you'd like to connect via Wi-Fi, just select your network name onscreen, then enter the network password. If your Wi-Fi network is hidden, or if you don't see it in the list, tap Advanced and enter your network name, security type and password.

  • If you have a lot of photos and videos to collect, you may wish to use a direct Ethernet connection to your router for improved network performance and speed.
  • During this initial collection process, it is also best to connect your Lyve Home and your mobile devices to the same network!

After connecting to the network successfully, you’ll see an onscreen prompt to either create your Lyve account, or sign in to an existing one (you can also create an account using the apps, so you may have taken this step already). Just enter an email address and password. Your Lyve account login is required when you use the Lyve app on any device, so keep that info handy.

After you've created your Lyve account, Lyve Home will start the process of collecting your personal photos and videos from attached USB drives, SD cards, or from your mobile devices and computers. Depending on the number of photos and videos you have on your drives, devices or computers, this initial process could take a while.

  • The reason that this takes some time is because Lyve is building a complete map of all of your photos and videos, and is creating mobile-optimized versions for each piece of content. This ensures they are protected and accessible across all of your devices. Make sure you have your devices plugged in, and that ‘Power Copy’ is enabled (in Lyve settings), which will also help to ensure a faster import.


Importing from drives:

You can insert an SD card from your digital camera into the SD card slot on the left side of Lyve Home, or attach a USB drive directly to the back. Once your drives are attached, Lyve Home will automatically begin the collection process. Any USB drives attached directly to Lyve Home should be 500GB (or larger) in total capacity - older or smaller USB drives may not import properly.


Importing from devices:

If you have an iOS or Android device, now is a perfect time to download and install the Lyve app on that device (search for ‘Lyve’ in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, or click the links on the Lyve Support page). Launch Lyve on your device, then log in using the Lyve account login you created earlier. Lyve will automatically begin collecting and preparing the photos and videos on your devices to copy them to your Lyve Home. For more information on using the Lyve app, check out our Getting Started videos above, or the related articles.


Importing from computers:

On your Mac or Windows computer, you can download and install the Lyve app. Just like the mobile apps, you’ll want to log in to your Lyve account and begin importing all of the folders of photos and videos you’ve stored on your computer.


As Lyve begins to prepare, collect, and copy all of your personal photos and videos, check out the Sources screen on your Lyve Home (you can swipe the touchscreen to navigate around the interface), or in any of the connected Lyve apps. The Sources screen will indicate which devices are online. Additionally, the Lyve app menu (in the upper left corner) will help you monitor Lyve's progress as it copies and protects all of your content.

There are various settings which allow you to manage how the Lyve app works in conjunction with your Lyve Home. If you’re interested in learning more, see the related articles (linked above) on the mobile and desktop apps.

If you have any questions as you're getting set up, check out the Getting Started videos or related articles listed above, or contact us at via email or 800-SEAGATE.