Seagate NAS OS 4 - How to Setup MyNAS and Access Data Remotely

Seagate NAS OS 4 - How to Setup MyNAS and Access Data Remotely

Seagate MyNAS provides remote access to your files anywhere via an Internet browser, (PC/Mac, Android and IOS devices). How to setup MyNAS

1. Log in to the Seagate NAS Welcome page with an Administrative user account, to manage and browse the NAS. 

2. Click the Device Manager icon.


3. Under CUSTOMIZE on the left choose Network.

4. Click the Remote Access tab.

5. Remote access is Disabled by default.  Use the drop-down and select ‘Seagate MyNAS’.

6. Enter a Seagate MyNAS name and click Apply.  

NOTE: This name is like a password. Strong user passwords are highly recommended for remote access.



A Status window will open reporting that Seagate MyNAS is now enabled.  It provides an address that can be used anywhere in the world using a browser to access both the NAS OS 4 and the data on the NAS.


7. Click ‘Close’.


NOTE: Remote access is only available on the primary network interface.


If Seagate MyNAS Fails to Enable


By default, MyNAS will automatically attempt to open a port on your router.  If this process fails then it will be necessary to manually forward a port in the router.


1. On the Remote access tab next to the MyNAS name, click the small pen icon.


2. In Advanced settings set Port forwarding to ‘Manual’.  


Make a note of the port number listed.  It will be needed when forwarding this port in your Router’s setup page. You can change the port number by typing a number in the field.  In this example 4001 was used.  


3. Click ‘Save’.


Note: You cannot use the following ports:

  • 8888

  • 39076

  • 51413


For help forwarding a port in your Router’s setup page, contact the Router manufacturer or consult their website support options such as User Guides, Knowledge Base, or Forum.


Accessing the Seagate NAS remotely


1. Open a browser and put in the MyNAS link that was provided in the address field..




2. Another option is to open a browser and type in

It will open the ‘Remote access to your Seagate NAS’ web page.


3. Enter the MyNAS name (password)  that you used earlier and click ‘Find’.