Business Storage Rackmount NAS - How to Setup a VMware NFS Datastore with NAS OS 3


It is recommended to setup a Static IP address on the Business Storage NAS 4 or 8-bay rackmount.

  • Login to the 8-bay Manager page as an Administrator.
  • Go to Network and Connections and edit the LAN connection.

  • Change the IP configuration from Automatic (DHCP) to Manual select "Save".

Enable the NFS Service Globally

  • Go to General and select the “Services” tab.  Edit the NFS Service and select “Enable”.

NFS Advanced Parameters

Asynchronous vs. Synchronous behavior in NFS
"Asynchronous" yields better performance at the cost of possible data corruption if the server reboots while still holding unwritten data. The reason is the Async option instructs the server to lie to the client, telling the client that all data has indeed been written to stable storage.

With Synchronous behavior the server will not complete (reply to the client) until the local file system has written all data/metadata to the disk.

After enabling the NFS Service the Status light should be green.

Create a share to use for the vSphere Datastore

  • Go to Shares and select "Add share". Name the Share and select "Add share".

  • Edit the new share and select "Access protocols".

  • Review the Access protocols to ensure that the NFS Service shows a green status light which indicates that the NFS service is available for this share. Select “Save”.


Create the NFS Datastore with a Seagate Business Storage 4 and 8-Bay Rackmount using the vSphere Client.

  • Login to the VMware vSphere Client.
  • From the Home page choose “Inventory”.
Create a New vSwitch for NFS Network Traffic.
  • Select the VMware Server's IP Address
  • Select the "Configuration" tab
  • Select "Add Networking..."

  • For the “Connection Type” choose VMkernel and select "Next".

  • Mkernel-Network Access - Select “Use vSwitch0” and select "Next".  

  • Enter a network label to describe the Port Group.  For VLAN ID leave the default then select “Next".

  • Set "Obtain IP settings automatically" and select "Next".

  • Review the new vSphere Switch and select "Finish".

Adding the NFS Datastore

  • Select on the VWware server's IP Address (left side)
  • Select on the "Configuration" tab
  • Select on "Storage" (left side)
  • Select "Add Storage" (upper right)

  • Select Network File System (NFS) and select "Next"

  • Add the Seagate 4 or 8-bay server's IP Address
  • Add the destination share path: /shares/"share name"  (required)
  • Add a Datastore Name and select "Next"

  • Ready to Complete, review and select "Finish"

How to add content to the Datastore

  • In the Configuration tab select "Storage" on the left
  • Right click the new Datastore and select "Browse Datastore..."

  • Select the Upload icon and then select "Upload File..."

    Virtual Machines can now be created using the new Datastore.

Note:  Basic Configurations that are used in this article are for example only.  Settings could differ in the field.  For help with VMware go to