How to use the Extended Capacity Manager in DiscWizard v16

The Seagate Extended Capacity Manager lets your operating system support large size disks with the MBR partition style allowing you to use space beyond 2TB; this free space will be recognized as a separate disk, and will be accessible by your operating systems and applications as if it was a regular physical hard disk.

Reference this flow chart to determine if you need to use the Extended Capacity Manager.
*Inside Windows* Flow chart that explains when to use the Extended Capacity Manager (ECM).

If you need directions for the Diskpart Erase procedure, please see the How to Diskpart Erase/Clean a Drive through the Command Prompt Knowledge Base article.

Here is an example of Disk Management before using the Extended Capacity Manager.
*Inside Windows* Disk Management before ECM.



  1. Open the DiscWizard Software and click the Tools and Utilities Tab, and then click SeagateExtended Capacity Manager.
    *Inside Windows* Main screen of the software that has Tools and Utilities and Seagate Extended Capacity Manager squared off.
  2. If the Acronis Virtual Disk Driver is not installed you will need to click on the link provided and install the driver from the Acronis Knowledge Base Article.
    *Inside Windows* Pop Up window prompting to install the Virtual Disk Driver from an Acronis KB.
  3. Click Virtual Disk Setup and follow the installation Wizard.
    *Inside Windows* Image of the Acronis KB Article. The download link for the Virtual Disk Driver is squared off.
  4. Once the driver has been installed open DiscWizard and click Extended Capacity Manager again.
    *Inside Windows* Shows the Main Screen again to guide the customer to reopen the ECM after the Virtual Disk driver is installed.
  5. Click Allocate Space.
    " *Inside Windows* Select Allocate Space. Allocate Space is squared off."
  6. Click Apply.
    " *Inside Windows* Space is now allocated. Apply is squared off. "
  7. The space is now allocated and needs to be formatted.
    " *Inside Windows* Capacity is now extended "
  8. There is now a new 746.52GB Virtual Disk in Disk Management that is ready to be formatted. You can format this volume in Disk Management or you can use the Add New Disk feature in DiscWizard. Please See How to use Add New Disk/Reformat in Windows using DiscWizard v16.
    *Inside Windows* Disk Management after ECM but before the new drive has been formatted.
  9. The disk is now formatted and ready for use.
    *Inside Windows* Disk Management after the new drive has been formatted. There is an arrow pointing to the new volume after formatting.

    *For more information regarding DiscWizard you can access the built in help guide through the blue question mark in the upper right hand corner.
    *Inside Windows* Displays how you can access the built in Help Guide. There is an arrow pointing to the blue question mark.



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