How to Recover an Image Backup in Windows with DiscWizard v16

If your system fails completely, you will need to do what is called a system recovery (also known as System Restore). This process calls for reloading the operating system, programs and restoring the data. With the aid of disaster recovery software like DiscWizard you can restore an image backup (.TIB file) that is stored on a backup drive.

An image backup created with DiscWizard v16 can only be restored to the exact same computer it was created on.
  1. Open the DiscWizard software and click on the Backup and Recovery tab at the top. Then click Recover
    *Inside Windows* Main Screen of the Backup and Recovery Tab. Backup and Recovery and Recover are squared off.
  2. The Data Recovery Window will display the backups the software sees. If you need to browse for a backup stored on another drive you can click the Browse for backup option. Once you have selected the backup you want to restore click Recover.
    *Inside Windows* Pop up window allowing you to choose the backup to restore. The recover button is squared off.
  3. Switch to Disk Mode to ensure you recover all partitions and the MBR.
    *Inside Windows* Windows showing to switch to diskmode. Switch to Disk Mode is squared off.
  4. Select the Source Disk then select a Destination Disk from the drop down then Click Recover Now.
    *Inside Windows* Box showing to select the source disk is squared off. Drop down box showing to select the destination drive has an arrow pointing to the drive and recover now is squared off.
  5. This message will appear if the destination drive has been partitioned. Click Yes to allow DiscWizard to erase the drive of all its partitions before performing the Image Restore.
    *Inside Windows* Pop Up warning tell you that Discwizard will delete all partition off the Destination Disc.
  6. A status bar will display the progress of the restore.
    *Inside Windows* A progress bar displays the status of the image restore.
  7. A reboot may be required to complete the Image Restore.
    *Inside Windows* A Pop up windows stating that a Reboot is required to complete the image restore.
  8. Once the image has been restored verify that it was successful by booting from the Destination Disk that was restored to.

    *For more information regarding DiscWizard you can access the built in help guide through the blue question mark in the upper right hand corner.

    *Inside Windows* Displays how you can access the built in Help Guide. There is an arrow pointing to the blue question mark.



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