Wireless Plus - Dropbox Sync

Wireless Plus - Dropbox Sync

This article explains how to sync to your Dropbox folder with the Seagate Media App.

The Seagate Wireless has the capability to sync all, or some, of your folders that are on Dropbox. 
To enable this feature your Seagate Wireless Plus must be connected to the internet.  To set this up please see How to Connect to the Internet While Connected to the Wireless Plus.
Once connected to the internet follow the below steps to connect the Wireless Plus to a Dropbox account:

  1. Open the Seagate Media application on your mobile device or browse to the Seagate Wireless Plus webpage on your desktop computer.
  2. Select Settings
     Select settings
  3. Select Cloud Storage from the options
     Cloud Storage
  4. Select Sign in to Dropbox.
     Cloud dropbox
  5. Provide your Dropbox credentials.  This is authenticated by Dropbox directly.
     Sign in to dropbox
  6. Allow the Seagate Media application to access your Dropbox account
     Seagate Wireless Dropbox
  7. You will be taken back to the Seagate Media application and your folders will Synchronize.
    You can turn synchronization off or on for individual folders as desired.
    Your Seagate Wireless Plus is now set up to synchronize to Dropbox.
  8. To find the content from your Dropbox you will want to open the content section and select On the Seagate Wireless and it will list your Dropbox folder.
     Seagate Media
    On the dropbox
    To disconnect Dropbox from the Seagate Wireless Plus you can select Log Out from the Dropbox section of the Cloud Storage options.  You will need to confirm whether you wish to keep your files or delete them from the Seagate Wireless.



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