How to Perform a Restore with Seagate Mobile Backup App.

Get more information about how to perform a restore with Seagate Mobile Backup App.
  1. Launch the Seagate Mobile Backup App
  2. Click the App Menu in the upper left corner.
    Application dropdown menu
  3. Click the Restore a Backup button.
    Image showing the backup button
  4. Choose to restore from a Cloud Backup or a Wireless backup.
    Image showing the cloud backup option
  5. Select where to restore the backup from.
    Image showing where to backup from
  6. Select the device the backup was made from. 
    Image showing the device the backup was made from
  7. Select which file types to restore (available options vary by mobile devices).

    Note: Do not restore messages from an Android 4.x phone to an older Android 2.x phone. 
    Image showing the file types to restore
  8. If any files already exist you will be prompted how to handle the files being restored.

    Either replace the file on the phone with the file from the backup or skip the file leaving the one already on the phone in place.
    Image showing the prompt for restore or skip
  9. After the restore completes you will see a summary screen. Click the button at the bottom of the screen to return to the main screen. 



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