How to setup a backup with a Seagate Backup Plus drive in Windows

The Seagate Backup Plus drives include software with several features including backup. The backup feature in Seagate Backup Plus includes many options. The default backup will backup all the user data files on the primary drive of the computer continuously, but if you perform a lot of resource intense activity like gaming then the backup can be configured for scheduled backup so that the computer resources can be more focused on the task at hand rather than for monitoring for backup changes. Below we will cover setting up a basic backup (the data files on the main drive monitored continuously), if you would like to customize your backup please see the user guide for details about what options are available and how to configure them.
This is a quick walk through of how to setup a basic continuous backup with Dashboard 3.

  1. Be sure the drive is connected directly to the PC using a USB port.  
  2. Open Seagate Dashboard by double-clicking the Seagate Dashboard icon on the desktop.
    Seagate Dashboard Icon
    If the software is not installed see article 005887 for instructions on installing the software.
  3. On the Home screen select the PC Backup option.
    PC Backup icon
    Note: This option is only available on the Windows version of software.
  4. Click the Protect Now option to begin the backup.   
    Note: Additional options are available by choosing the New Backup Plan option, see the user guide or Help for details.
    Protect Now icon
  5. The backup will now begin.  It may take a while for the initial backup to complete. Once the initial backup is complete then changed files will be backed up soon after they change any time the Seagate Backup Plus drive is attached.



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