Seagate Backup Plus for Mac FAQs

Seagate Backup Plus for Mac FAQs

Frequently asked questions for Backup Plus for Mac drives, including information on usage with Windows and distinctions from Backup Plus.


Q. What is Seagate Backup Plus for Mac?
Seagate Backup Plus for Mac comes preformatted for use with Mac OS. It can easily be used with Time Machine and has optional software that makes it easy to backup your Facebook or Flickr photos. It also includes a driver for use on Windows that will allow the drive to be seen and used without having to reformat to a Windows-compatible file system.


Q. If I check the ‘Auto Save’ feature in the Save feature, how often is my content backed up from my account?
Content is saved from your social media account once per hour when the Auto Save feature is enabled (checked).

Q. What resolution of photos and videos get saved from Facebook and Flickr in the Dashboard?
Keep in mind that when files were uploaded to the social media site, the resolution of the file may be reduced to optimize the file for use on the web. The files downloaded will be in that reduced resolution.

Q. Can I disable the automatic backup of my Facebook account?
By unchecking the Auto Save box under the social media icon, you can disable the automated backup of your files.

Q. Can the "Save" feature backup my wall messages and inbox on Facebook?
The Seagate Dashboard is designed to save only photo and video content from your social media account.


Q. Can I select files by selecting an entire folder for sharing, or do I have to select files one by one?
Yes. You can select an entire folder to upload to social media sites. However, be aware that some sites have restrictions on uploads, so the upload may not complete if you exceed any size or file number limits placed by that service (YouTube, Facebook, Flickr).

Q. Do YouTube accounts have upload limits?
Currently, YouTube accounts are restricted to two video uploads per month. This restriction is subject to change and may be different for different account levels. Please check the YouTube video upload policy.


Q. Will my Backup Plus Portable adapters work with my GoFlex portable drives, and vice versa?
Most GoFlex interface adapters will work with Backup Plus for Mac drives (and vice versa). This includes USB 2.0 (standard 14.5 mm and Slim-style), USB 3.0 (standard 14.5mm and Slim-style), FireWire 800, and Thunderbolt adapters.
Standard- (14.5 mm) and full-height (22 mm) Backup Plus adapters will work with GoFlex drives with one exception; standard-height Backup Plus adapters will not work with high-capacity GoFlex drives.

Products shipping with Dashboard:

Backup Plus Portable Backup Plus for Mac Portable Backup Plus Desktop Backup Plus for Mac Desktop Slim Slim for Mac
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Dashboard product compatibility is summarized in the following table:

GoFlex USB 2.0 GoFlex Slim USB 2.0 GoFlex Desk USB 2.0 GoFlex USB 3.0 GoFlex Slim USB 3.0 GoFlex Desk USB 3.0
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Q. Will the same HFS driver work for both Backup Plus for Mac and GoFlex for Mac drives?
Yes. You may need to update to a newer version of the HFS driver available on this download page. This driver allows “for Mac” drives formatted as HFS (the Mac OS format) to be read and written to when connected to a Windows PC.

Q. If I installed the HFS driver from my Backup Plus drive, will it work with other non-Seagate drives?
The Seagate version of the Paragon driver will only work with Seagate branded hard drives.



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