How to upload data to a Seagate Wireless Plus with a Windows Tablet

Provides instructions for wirelessly uploading data from a Windows tablet to a Wireless Plus drive.

Please follow these instructions to upload data wirelessly from a Windows tablet to a Seagate Wireless Plus device, in Windows RT or Windows 8.

  1. Ensure the tablet is connected to the same wireless network as the storage device.
  2. Access the Seagate Media app (downloadable from the Windows Store) or launch a web browser and go to
  3. If you log into the app, tap on the Seagate logo on the top left corner. This will bring up a smaller version of the web browser. Press the upload button on the top menu bar near the right side.

    The Upload file selection box displays.

  4. Select Browse...
    The File Explorer window displays.

  5. Select the file you want to upload, then press Open.
    The file populates in the Upload file window.

  6. Press Upload.
    The file uploads to the Wireless Plus drive.



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