Where can I find Windows drivers for my Solid State Drive?

Seagate does not supply drivers for Solid State drives because drives themselves do not require specific device drivers. While Windows 8/7/Vista will usually automatically recognize a SATA motherboard controller, Windows XP/2000 may not automatically recognize it in the system.  This is especially true if the hardware is newer than the operating system.

The SATA controller will either be embedded on the motherboard or a SATA add-on card. SATA add-on cards are more likely to prompt for an additional driver. In either case, if the drive is not recognized by the operating system setup, you will need to supply a controller device driver.

The SATA controller driver can usually be found on the CD or website of the system, motherboard or SATA controller card manufacturer.

If the SATA controller is recognized during Setup without special drivers, then you can complete the installation.  After the initial setup, check for driver updates from the OS or controller manufacturer.

When performing a new installation from DVD of Windows 8/7/Vista, the system will ask you where you want to install Windows. If the SSD is not displayed, click the Load Driver option.

When performing a new installation of Windows from CD of Windows XP or 2000, you will be prompted to push the F6 key to "install additional controller drivers". The "additional controller driver" is the SATA controller driver. Whether the SATA controller is embedded on the motherboard or is an add-on card, the driver(s) can be found on the CD or website of the manufacturer.  If you need more information on installing SATA controller drivers, please consult the manufacturer's setup or installation manual.