Seagate Wireless Plus Troubleshooting

Seagate Wireless Plus Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting information on a variety of questions related to Seagate Wireless Plus.

Please find below troubleshooting steps for various common questions related to Seagate Wireless Plus.

Difficulty connecting to Wireless Plus

Difficulty connecting to Wi-Fi/the Internet

  • Please see Document ID: 005104 for the proper procedure to configure simultaneous connection to the Wireless Plus signal and to the Internet.
  • Android device still having trouble? See Document ID: 005125.
  • After you select the Wi-Fi network, it may require 30-40 seconds to complete the connection, so please wait for it to finish before trying to do anything else.
  • While the concurrent connection is configuring, your mobile device's Wi-Fi may display as disabled. This is part of the process.

Difficulty playing video stored on Wireless Plus

Using the Seagate Media app: iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch: Please see Document ID: 005139 for troubleshooting.
Using the Internet browser: iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch: Please see Document ID: 005241 for troubleshooting.
Android device: Please see Document ID: 005242 for troubleshooting.
Xbox: Please see Document ID: 005174.
Playstation 3: Please see Document ID: 005232.

No audio plays while video is playing on iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch
Please see Document ID: 005090.

Wi-Fi no longer connects or drops offline

  1. While the Wireless Plus device is powered on, press the reset button on the side of the Wireless Plus and hold it down until the light flashes one time on the front of the drive (between 10 and 15 seconds).
  2. Let the device sit for about 2 minutes.
  3. Power on and connect to the Wireless Plus again.
  4. If the difficulty persists, move to an area with fewer Wi-Fi signals, as other Wi-Fi signals may interfere with the Wireless Plus' signal.
  5. If the difficulty persists, connect the Wireless Plus to your PC and perform a checkdisk action. See Document ID: 184611 for instructions. (Backing up your data before checkdisk is recommended.)

Why can I only upload from the Camera Roll on my iOS device?

Because of iOS limitations, you can only upload pictures and videos that you have taken on the iOS device to the Wireless Plus unless you sync the iOS device to your computer first.

Why does my video not play on my mobile device?

Please see Document ID: 005695 for assistance.

Thumbnails do not display for my movies
Please see Document ID: 005685 for assistance.

Slow wireless performance from the Wireless Plus
Please see Document ID: 005694 for assistance.

Being prompted to download a file instead of streaming
Try playing the file using the Seagate Media app (find it in the Apple Store or the Google Play store).
If your notebook computer's web browser attempts to download a file instead of streaming it, please configure access  to your Wireless Plus device according to the instructions in Document ID: 005098, then retry launching the file playback.

For other troubleshooting information, please contact Seagate Support.



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