Seagate Wireless Plus - What to do when video does not play on a mobile device

Provides troubleshooting information in case a video does not play when wirelessly connected to Wireless Plus.

If you cannot play a video that is saved on Wireless Plus while wirelessly connected to your playback device, review the following troubleshooting advice:

High-resolution files
If the video is a 1080i or 1080p file, it may require too much bandwidth and cause a choppy viewing experience or fail to play at all. Purchase a lower-quality video or use a program to modify the file to a lower quality.

Supported codec
If the video is not a 1080i or 1080p file and does not play, confirm that the video is a supported type/codec on your mobile device.
Some third-party programs, such as VLC player, have an option to display information about the file and its codec. Once you know the codec, you can verify that it is supported with the list from the manufacturer of your mobile operating system. You would have to check from the manufacturer's website to get a list of supported file types and codecs.

Things to keep in mind regarding this issue:

  1. Purchasing the video in a supported file type/codec will prevent playability issues.
  2. Downloading a 3rd party app that supports that file type/codec can make up for the player's limitations.
  3. Using software on your computer to change the file type/codec to one that is supported should also resolve most of these issues.
  4. Purchased files from iTunes have DRM protection on them. You need to authorize your playback device to the iTunes account that purchased the files in order to play them properly.



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