Seagate Central - How to find content saved in my Private folder

Provides instructions for accessing files saved in the Private folder on Seagate Central.

If you would like to access your media saved in your Private folder, you may do so using any of the following methods:

While away from your home network: 

Please note: You can only see your Private folder remotely while using a computer or the web browser of your mobile device.
The Seagate Media app has a limitation where it will only show you the files that are located into your Public folder.

While on your home network:

  • Mac OS: Open Finder and locate your Seagate Central under Shared.

  • Windows:
  1. Open the Start menu, then (My) Computer or Windows Explorer (Windows 8: Press the Windows key + D, then select File Explorer).
  2. In the left sidebar, click on the triangle icon next to Network to expand the menu.
  3. The private folder is located under Network.

Remote Access for Seagate Central will allow you to view your media saved in both the Public folder, viewable by all users, and your Private folder, which is titled as your username. You may have up to 5 free Remote Access accounts on your Seagate Central.



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