Business Storage NAS - Compatible drives that can be used for replacement

The following Seagate model numbers have been qualified for use in Seagate Business NAS devices.

Marketing NameModelRegionCapacityInterface
NAS HDDST4000VN000Worldwide4TBSATA 6Gb/s
NAS HDDST3000VN000Worldwide3TBSATA 6Gb/s
NAS HDDST2000VN000Worldwide2TBSATA 6Gb/s
Desktop HDD.15ST4000DM000Worldwide4TBSATA 6Gb/s
Desktop HDD.15ST3000DM003Worldwide3TBSATA 6Gb/s
Barracuda 7200.14ST3000DM001Worldwide3TBSATA 6Gb/s
Barracuda 7200.14ST2000DM001Worldwide2TBSATA 6Gb/s
Barracuda 7200.14ST1000DM003Worldwide1TBSATA 6Gb/s

Other off-the-shelf disk drives may work with your devices but are not supported. Please refer to the list above for qualified Seagate model numbers that have been tested for use in Seagate Business NAS devices.