Seagate Central - How to map a share in Windows

Provides optional instructions for mapping Seagate Central shares in Windows.
Please follow this procedure if you would like to map the Seagate Central's share(s) in Windows.

This procedure is optional. Once the Seagate Central is set up, you can find it in the left sidebar of (My) Computer or Windows/File Explorer under the heading Network.

Download the Seagate Central Discovery software.

Once downloaded, double-click the .exe to launch it.

The Discovery tool launches and detects the Seagate Central.

Double-click on the Seagate Central hostname to continue. You will see the Public share and the Private share. Right-click on the Private share and choose Map network drive. A screen will appear. By default the share will be mapped with the letter Z and then work backwards from there. In the confirmation window, click Finish to map the drive. Your computer will ask for the user name and password. Type in your credentials and click OK. Once the Private share is mapped right-click on the Public share and choose Map network drive. Click Finish on the screen that opens. A password is not required for the Public share.  

If you want Discovery to set up your Private share and also the Public share in (My) Computer and Windows/File Explorer, select your User Name and enter the password, then click the Sign in button.

If you want Discovery to set up only the Public share in (My) Computer and Windows/File Explorer, select Skip.

If the process is successful, the screen displays the drive letters by which you may interact with the Seagate Central.

Please note that by using the software, you cannot choose which drive letters are being assigned to the shares. The software will automatically select the next available letter starting from Z and work backwards.

If this screen does not appear or if the drive letters do not successfully appear in (My) Computer or Windows/File Explorer, please continue to map the drive manually:

Open the Start menu.

Windows 8: Press Windows key + D to arrive at your desktop first)

Open (My) Computer or Windows/File Explorer.

In the left sidebar, click on the triangle icon next to Network to expand the menu.

Find the Seagate Central and click on it.

The Seagate Central will display with the hostname.
Example: Seagate-123456.  The Public folder will be displayed.

You may also see folders with titles that correspond with your username and other users you have set up.

If you plan to view your content outside of your home using the Seagate Media app, your content must be placed in the Public folder.

If you do not want your content accessible to everyone in your home network, place your content in the folder that has your username as its title. Any attempt to access that content will require a login.

The private folder’s title is your username.

Open another Windows/File Explorer or (My) Computer window and navigate to the files you would like to add to your Seagate Central.

Select the content you would like to copy and drag and drop your content to the folder of your choice.



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