Seagate Central - How to backup my Facebook photos and videos

Seagate Central - How to backup my Facebook photos and videos

Seagate Central can download and back up photos and videos from your Facebook account.

Seagate Central can monitor and backup the content you have uploaded to one or more Facebook accounts.

Once you enable the Facebook backup, your videos and photos automatically download to the Seagate Central.

Please follow this procedure to enable this feature:

  1. Log in to the Seagate Central Assistant by opening the Seagate Central's Public folder and clicking on the "Manage the Seagate Central" link.
  2. Select the Social tab.
  3. Select Add a new account.
  4. Under Facebook User Name, enter the primary email address for the Facebook account you wish to backup. If you are logged into the Seagate Central as an administrator, you may choose the Owner of the downloaded files.
  5. Select the destination Folder for the downloaded files.
  6. If you want to view your Facebook media while outside of your home using the Seagate Media app, you must select the Public folder.
  7. Select Public Folder to make the downloaded files accessible to anyone that can access the Seagate Central.
  8. Select Private Folder to make the downloaded files accessible only to the designated Owner.
  9. If you do not know what the primary Facebook email address is, you can find it by logging in to, clicking on the Facebook Settings menu in the upper right corner, then selecting Account Settings.
  10. When you have entered your choices, select Save.
  11. A Facebook login page will display.
  12. Enter your user information and password, then select Log In, to be directed back to the Social tab on your Seagate Central.
  13. The account will display on the left.
  14. A confirmation message will appear temporarily across the bottom.
  15. The Seagate Central will now begin monitoring and downloading all the photos and videos from all the Facebook accounts you have added. Allow some time for this process, depending on how much content the Facebook accounts contain.



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