Seagate Central - How to backup your Windows computer using Seagate Dashboard

Explains the backup feature in Seagate Dashboard with Seagate Central, which is called Protect and includes numerous options.
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You can use the Seagate Dashboard to back up the information on all Windows computers in your home to the Seagate Central.

The default backup plan continuously copies all non-system information on your computer to the Seagate Central's Public folder.

You can also create a custom backup plan to protect your content on a schedule of your choice. Please see the Seagate Dashboard User Guide.

Note: Seagate recommends that Mac computers use Time Machine to back up information to Seagate Central.

If you have not done so already, set up your Seagate Central by opening the Seagate Central’s Public folder and clicking on the “Manage the Seagate Central” link.

Download Seagate Dashboard onto your PC.


  2. On the main Dashboard screen, select PC backup to start a backup plan.

  3. Select Protect Now to start backing up your content to your Seagate Central.

  4. This default option will back up all your regular data to the Public Folder on the Seagate Central. This backup plan will run continuously.

  5. When you click Protect Now, the backup will begin immediately.

  6. If you have more than one drive, please see the Seagate Dashboard User Guide, page 34: How to change my default drive in order to ensure you are backing up to your Seagate Central.

For more information on retrieving your backup, or to learn how to create a customized backup plan, please see page 10 on the Seagate Dashboard User Guide



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