Seagate Central - How to Setup and Install

Seagate Central - How to Setup and Install

Provides installation and initial configuration instructions for the Seagate Central.

Please follow this procedure to set up your Seagate Central:

  1. Unpack your Seagate Central.
  2. Follow the Quick Start Guide instructions to connect to your router.
  3. From a Windows or Mac computer, go to

    The Getting Started page displays.

  4. Select the green Start Here button for the type of computer you are using (Mac or PC).
  5. Follow the instructions to detect your Seagate Central and launch the Seagate Central Assistant.

    If you are unable to launch the Seagate Central Assistant, find the hostname according to the instructions in Document ID: 005247.
    Then type the Seagate Central hostname into the URL of a browser.
  6. Accept the End-User License Agreement (EULA).
    The Personalize screen displays.

  7. Create a username, email address, and password to associate with your Seagate Central. The email address you enter here will automatically be assigned a Remote Access account. This way, anyone in your household can play movies, music, and pictures from the public folder while outside of your home through the Seagate Media app.
  8. Select Done.
    The Getting Started Feature Tour begins, where you can learn about the features of your Seagate Central and how to start using these features.

    If you select Skip Getting Started, you will be able to re-open this page from the Seagate Central Assistant main page at any time.
  9. Once you close Getting Started, the Seagate Central Assistant main page displays.

    The Getting Started link is on the bottom right corner of the Seagate Central Assistant main page.

    Your recent activity will display on the main page.
  10. To start adding content to your drive, select from the following:



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