Business Storage NAS - How to modify Seagate Global Access account permissions

To modify sharing settings on a Seagate Business NAS Global Access account, please follow this procedure:

  1. Go to to sign in to your Seagate Global Access account.
  2. Select the My Files tab from the top left. You will see the name of your NAS. Example BA-XXXXXX
  3. Click the settings icon next to the NAS name.
  4. Select the action you wish to take:
    • Share This Folder - to share the data with email recipients.
    • Change - to change the read/write permissions on the share.
    • Remove - to remove the share from Seagate Global Access. This will not delete the data on the share.

    Shares must be shared from the Seagate NAS Manager to become visible.
    To modify the share permissions, select Users & Groups > Shared Folder Permissions.

    Select the Edit button under Actions to edit the Shared Folder Permissions, then click Save.

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