Seagate Business NAS - How to set up Seagate Global Access

Seagate Business NAS - How to set up Seagate Global Access

Provides instructions for creating Seagate Global Access accounts for remote usage of content.

To access the content on your Seagate Business NAS outside of your local network, by streaming to a mobile device or to access files at another location, use the Seagate Global Access service.
Please follow this procedure to configure it:

  1. Log into Seagate NAS Manager using Seagate NAS Discovery or by entering the IP address of the NAS device in the address bar of a web browser.
    See Document ID: 005295 for instructions on finding the IP address.
  2. Select Sharing from the menu on the left.
  3. Select Global Access.
  4. Put a checkmark in the Enable box and enter a valid email address and password.

  5. At this point, please create a Global Access account for each user that is going to access the Seagate NAS remotely.
    To create a Global Access account, click on the link on this page: If you do not have one, you can register your e-mail address and password here.
  6. You will receive a confirmation email for account creation. Please reply to this email according to the included instructions and activate your account.
  7. Go back to the Global Access page and enter the new account credentials and select Submit.

  8. Repeat for any other User to which you want to grant access.



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