How to Play Music and Videos on an Playstation 3 with Seagate Wireless Plus via DLNA

How to Play Music and Videos on an Playstation 3 with Seagate Wireless Plus via DLNA

Provides instructions for setting up the Playstation 3 console to play content stored on a Seagate Wireless Plus device.

Please follow these instructions to make the content that is loaded on your Seagate Wireless Plus device accessible through DLNA to your Playstation 3 console:

  1. Power on the Wireless Plus device.
  2. Load desired content on the Wireless Plus device, if you have not yet done so.
  3. Connect the Wireless Plus in concurrent mode.
    See Document ID: 005104 - How to Connect to the Internet While Connected to the Seagate Wireless Plus.
  4. Once the Wireless Plus device is set up in concurrent mode, power on the Playstation 3 (PS3) console.
  5. The PS3 user interface (UI) is segmented into different media types (Pictures, Music, and Video). The selected media type defines what file you will see on the Seagate Wireless Plus.
    Select the media type you want to browse on the Wireless Plus in the PS3 menu - Pictures, Music, or Videos.
  6. Browse up or down on the list of sources either above or below the selected media type icon. The Seagate Wireless Plus device’s default listed name is Seagate Wireless, then the last three characters of the serial number.
    Example: Seagate Wireless E09
  7. Press X on the controller to see available folders on the Wireless Plus device.
  8. If all folders or files do not display, you can perform a Search for Media Servers action from within the same menu. This should populate all the folders or drives you selected to share.

    Only the files supported by your media device will be detected and available for viewing or listening. See your media device documentation for a list of supported file types.

For more information, please see:
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