How to play music and videos on an Playstation 3 with Seagate Wireless Plus via DLNA

Provides instructions for setting up the Playstation 3 console to play content stored on a Seagate Wireless Plus device.

Please follow these instructions to make the content that is loaded on your Seagate Wireless Plus device accessible through DLNA on your Playstation 3 (PS3) console:

  1. Power on the Wireless Plus device.
  2. Connect the Wireless Plus in concurrent mode (see the end of this article for instructions on how to connect concurrently).
  3. Once the Wireless Plus device is set up in concurrent mode, power on the PS3 console.
  4. The PS3 user interface (UI) is segmented into different media types (Pictures, Music, and Video). The selected media type defines what file you will see on the Seagate Wireless Plus.
    Select the media type you want to browse on the Wireless Plus in the PS3 menu.
  5. Browse up or down on the list of sources either above or below the selected media type icon. The Seagate Wireless Plus device’s default listed name is Seagate Wireless, then the last three characters of the serial number (found on the drive itself).

    Example: Seagate Wireless E09
  6. Press X on the controller to see available folders on the Wireless Plus device.
  7. If all folders or files do not display, you can perform a Search for Media Servers action from within the same menu. This should populate all the folders or drives you selected to share.

Only files supported natively by the PS3 will play properly from the Seagate Wireless Plus drive. Unsupported file types will have a "Not Supported" tag attached to them. For information on what file types and codecs your PS3 supports through DLNA, please visit the Sony website.

How to connect the Wireless Plus in concurrent mode:

  1. Power on the Wireless Plus and wait for the LED to illuminate solid blue.
  2. From your computer or mobile device, in the device's Wi-Fi settings, select the Wireless Plus.
  3. Launch the Seagate Media app or launch a web browser and type the following into the address bar:

    Then press Enter.
  4. Click the Wi-Fi icon at the top of the Seagate Media app or browser window. Depending on your operating system, you might need to click on the Settings menu to see this option.
  5. Select the network you want to join. If security is enabled on the selected Wi-Fi network, enter the required password.
  6. Once you have chosen your network, it will begin to connect you to the internet and your Wireless Plus at the same time.
    A message displays, stating that you are no longer connected to the Seagate Wireless Plus drive. This is normal. Please allow 45-60 seconds for it to reconnect with the Seagate Wireless Plus and the selected Wi-Fi network.
  7. The Wi-Fi icon will change. 
    Your device is now connected concurrently.
    This means that you are able to browse the Internet and view the media stored on the Wireless Plus simultaneously. To return to your content, re-launch the Seagate Media app or type into the address bar of your browser.



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