How to use Seagate Wireless Plus to Stream Movies or Music to an AppleTV using Airplay

This explains how the Seagate Wireless Plus can be configured to work with Airplay and AppleTV.

Please follow this procedure to use Airplay to stream movies or music from Seagate Wireless Plus to AppleTV.

  1. Connect the Wireless Plus concurrently to the iOS device and to the local WiFi network:
  1. Using your iOS device, select WiFi in the iOS device's settings menu.
  2. Select the listing for Wireless Plus as the network for the iOS device to use.
  3. Launch the Seagate Media app.
  4. Within the app, select the WiFi connection icon and connect to local network's router.
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  1. Use the Apple remote to select the local network from the list, or to enter local network's name if the network is hidden.
  2. Enter your password if you have one.

  3. The AppleTV connects to the router.
  4. Select a movie or song within the Seagate Media app you would like to stream and select Play.
  5. The Airplay icon appear on the far right, beside the "Forward" button.

  6. Tap the Airplay icon.

  7. Select "AppleTV" to have the movie or song to play on your AppleTV.

  8. The movie or song plays on the TV connected to your Airplay device.



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