Seagate Wireless Plus - The Seagate Media App does not play audio when watching a video

An iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch may not play the audio of a video file that is played using the Seagate Media App. This article provides troubleshooting.

You may find that an iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch may not play the sound when you are watching a video using the Seagate Media App.

This issue may be related to the state of the mute/volume slider on the iDevice. Even if the slider is set properly, the Seagate Media app may continue to mute the video.

To resolve this, you have two options.

Option 1 - Update to the latest version of the Seagate Media app:

  1. Connect to a WiFi network with Internet access via your mobile device’s settings.
  2. Launch the App Store.

  3. Click the Updates button on the bottom of the screen.

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  4. Update the Seagate Media App (click the button).

Option 2 - Disable the mute option:

  1. Open the iDevice’s Settings (the gear icon on the main screen).
  2. Select the General option on the left.
  3. Set Use Side Switch to: Mute.
  4. Click the home button (the button on the middle bottom of the iDevice) to exit.
  5. Unmute the iOS device using the side switch.

    Once the mute has been turned off using the switch, you can change the iOS device setting back to orientation lock and the issue should not return.



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