What does Seagate Dashboard 2.0 back up?

Discussion and description of the capabilities and limitations of Seagate Dashboard 2.0.

Seagate Dashboard for Backup Plus is Seagate's integrated software solution for Backup Plus drives.

The Dashboard User Guide discusses in detail the backups and settings for those backups.

Seagate Dashboard is designed to be a data backup software. It is at its best when copying data such as documents, spreadsheets, music, videos, images, and other user-generated content.

Seagate Dashboard does not create:

  • a disaster recovery backup
  • a clone
  • an image

Imaging, or cloning, is a way of backing up the computer that allows you to store the entire computer, including the operating system and programs, in a single file (an “image”) that can be used to restore the computer to exactly the way it was when the image was made.
This is a good way to recover from major hardware failure without having to spend lots of time reinstalling the operating system (ie, Windows), programs, restoring emails, etc.

In a Seagate Dashboard backup, the files and folders are copied onto the external drive and can be restored using the Dashboard's restore function. They are also accessible manually within Windows/File Explorer. However, even if Dashboard had backed up the entirety of the contents of the C: drive, the backup cannot be used to restore the Windows installation or any programs installed in your computer.

If your computer's hard drive experienced a sudden failure and had to be replaced, the Dashboard backup could be used to restore the data mentioned above, but could not be used to reinstall Windows or your programs. To do that, a disaster recovery backup image would be required. Seagate's DiscWizard can perform that type of backup. For more information on that, please see Document ID: 202211.

If the computer's hard drive were replaced after a sudden failure, you would need to be able to reinstall your operating system using your Windows installation CD/DVD(s) and your programs from their original installation formats. Then you could reinstall Seagate Dashboard and restore your data from there.

It is possible to store both an image backup performed by a disaster recovery software (like DiscWizard) on your external drive as well as your Dashboard backup data.

Please see Document ID: 004979 for more information about the types of backup activities Seagate Dashboard can perform.



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