Where are my Seagate Dashboard backup files stored?

Discussion of how to locate files backed up by the Seagate Dashboard for Backup Plus.

The Backup Plus drive’s included backup software, called Seagate Dashboard 2.0, includes several features. The backup feature is called Protect.

The Protect feature stores files on the Backup Plus drive in the Seagate Dashboard 2.0 folder.  Below is a summary of the folder structure, in case you have several backups going to the same drive and need to know where the files are located.

Manually restoring the files from your backup folders is not recommended. It is best to use the Restore Files option under Protect to recover files from previous backups. Please see Document ID: 005069 - How can I restore a file or folder from my Seagate Dashboard Backup if I accidentally modified and saved it?

Here is a breakdown an example folder structure:
X:\ Seagate Dashboard 2.0\computername\username\Backup\xxxxxxxx-xxxx\0515_###_username

  • X: - The drive letter assigned to the Backup Plus drive.
  • Seagate Dashboard 2.0 - The main folder for Dashboard backups.
  • computername - The name of the computer that was backed up.
  • username - The name of the user that installed the Dashboard software and ran the backup.
  • xxxxxxxx-xxxx - The alphanumeric string assigned to an individual backup job. If you created more than one backup job, you will have several folders.
  • 0515_###_username - A time-stamped folder created for each version of the backup.  Each backup will contain any new or modified files that were copied during a specific period.  This can become fairly complex to navigate, which is why using the restore feature of the software is the recommended method of restoring files.



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