How can my Seagate Dashboard backup help me restore after a system crash?

Provides instructions for restoring data from Seagate Dashboard backups in case you are on a different computer or have reinstalled Windows.

This article will demonstrate the procedure for a basic restore, particularly in case your computer experiences a crash and you have to reinstall your operating system and programs.
If you have already created a backup with Seagate Dashboard to a Backup Plus drive, please follow this procedure to take advantage of your backup.

  1. Confirm that the drive is connected directly to the computer using a USB port, not using a docking station or hub.
  2. Open Seagate Dashboard by double-clicking the Seagate Dashboard 2.0 icon on the desktop.
    (Windows 8: Press the Windows key [] + D to arrive at the desktop first.)

  3. On the Seagate Dashboard Home screen, click Protect.

  4. Since this is a brand new installation of the Dashboard software, a new backup plan must be created before you will be able to access previously backed up data.
    On the Protect screen, click the Protect Now button. This will create a simple backup plan which can be edited at any time.

  5. The Restore option will display.
    On the Protect screen, click Restore Files.
  6. Seagate Dashboard displays the new Backup plan. Click Find Backups.

    To display the backups saved on your external drive, select the backup plan that saved the file you want to restore.
  7. Click the > button to list the backups saved by the selected backup plan.

  8. Select a backup that contains the file(s) you want to restore.
    If the file was saved on a Backup Plus drive, Seagate Dashboard maintains multiple versions of the file, so you can select the most recent version or a previous version. If the file was saved to Cloud Storage, only the most recent version is available to restore.

  9. By default, Seagate Dashboard will save the restored files in their original location on your
    Click the > button to select a different location on your system to which you want to restore the file.

  10. Click the green checkmark to restore the file from the backup to the selected location.



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