Will my Seagate external drive work with a Wii U?

Provides compatibility information between Seagate products and the Nintendo Wii U.

The following Seagate external drive models will serve as additional storage for the Wii U.

Drive Capacity Drive Family Models available,
per region
    Americas Europe, Middle
East, Africa
2TB Backup Plus Desktop STCA2000100 STCA2000200 STCA2000300
1TB Backup Plus Desktop STCA1000100 STCA1000200 N/A
2TB Expansion Desk STBV2000100 STBV2000200 STBV2000300
1TB Expansion Desk STBV1000100 STBV1000200 STBV1000300

To connect the drive and prepare it for use in the Wii U, please see Document ID: 005003 - How do I set my drive up with a Wii U?

Please note that the drive will be dedicated for use with the Wii U system once it is connected. You will not be able to use the same drive on a PC or Mac, or another Wii U, unless it is reformatted, erasing the data.

For additional details, please visit Nintendo’s website.



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