Why can't Seagate Dashboard log in to Facebook?

Troubleshooting in case Seagate Dashboard fails to login properly to Facebook.

Because of some recent changes to the Facebook login process, Seagate Dashboard may no longer be able to log in to Facebook.
Users that are currently logged in to Facebook via the Dashboard will not see this issue until they log out and then try to log in again.

If you experience this issue, please follow this procedure:

  1. Launch Seagate Dashboard and select the Save or Share option, as you prefer.
    Log in to Facebook.

  2. If this is your first time logging in to Facebook using Dashboard, or if you had logged out of your previous Facebook session using Dashboard, Dashboard will open a window where you can enter your Facebook login information.

    If this window appears:

    ...please select Go back to the previous page.

    The window should disappear, you will be logged in to Facebook successfully, and you will be able to share to Facebook or save from Facebook.



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