This article is for informational purposes only and no longer being updated by Seagate.

BlackArmor NAS - Licenses for Seagate Global Access powered by TappIn

The BlackArmor NAS remote access service, known as Seagate Global Access, has partnered with TappIn to enhance the remote access experience. This improved service includes the ability to stream and download media and upload files from your mobile device. The new Seagate Global Access provides 3-year licenses for a set number of accounts, depending on the product.

How many Seagate Global Access licenses (referred to as ‘seats’) are provided?

Each seat is a 3-year license.

Where are the Seagate Global Access licenses managed?
Your BlackArmor NAS administrator must create a Seagate Global Access Account in order to manage the licenses.

  1. Log in to the BA NAS admin’s TappIn account at
  2. From the user name on the top bar, select the drop-down menu and choose Account Summary.

TappIn offers three different account types - Lite, Standard, and Enterprise. What account type does a Seagate Global Access license provide?
Seagate Global Access licenses provide TappIn ‘Standard’ account access.

When do the licenses get activated?
When the BA NAS admin enables the Seagate Global Access service, all of the licenses for the BA NAS get activated and the 3-year countdown to expiration begins. This means all of the licenses will have the same expiration date, unless additional licenses are purchased later.


Can Seagate Global Access licenses be reassigned to different users?
Yes. The BlackArmor NAS admin’s Seagate Global Access account is the account that can manage, remove or purchase additional Seagate Global Access licenses.
When the license is removed from an account, it will automatically become available for another user to use.
Here are the steps to remove a license:

  1. Log into the BA NAS admin’s Global Access account at
  2. From the user name on the top bar, select the drop down and choose Account Summary.

  3. Under Users Occupying Seats section, choose remove user.

Product Number of TappIn licenses
(seats) provided
BlackArmor NAS 110 5
BlackArmor NAS 220 5
BlackArmor NAS 440 10